100% made in Holland.

Our entire collection is made in the Netherlands. This guarantees quality, ensures good working conditions and results in a CO2 reduction of up to 70%.

Our designs are based on sustainable principles. Parts are easy to replace, repair or reuse.

Our residual material, such as textiles, is reused in the form of acoustic walls or cushions. Wood residues become wood samples for the customer and the steel bases are reused.

Simply sustainable design.

Dutch production

Spoinq makes sustainable furniture from Dutch soil. All sustainable design furniture that we design and produce complies with Spoinq fixed set of values: good design, high quality and reusability of the materials.


Our design furniture is locally manufactured by Dutch craft companies. Local in this case does not just mean ‘Dutch’: all our furniture is made within a radius of 40 km from our warehouse in Waspik, in order to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum. Moreover, we keep the craftsmanship alive in our own region.

Good design

Sustainable design starts at the drawing board. To design our sustainable furniture, we work together with established Dutch designers and up-and-coming design talent. Each with its own vision, but always in line with Spoinq. We consciously opt for a pure, timeless design style, which is not subject to fashion whims. As a result, a design will last for years.

Together with our designers we work together on a collection that is modern, robust and innovative. Furniture that people enjoy. Dutch designer Ruud-Jan Kokke was one of the founders of Spoinq with the first collection of chairs, Square and Pyramide and table Straight. Gijs Papavoine designed our Nox armchair and stool Macaron and we collaborated with design talent Floris Hovers, resulting in the Arcum collection.


SPOINQ has already been able to support many companies with the sustainable design of a project.
View some of our successful cases below.


Rosmalen, Nederland

De Jamfabriek

‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland

De Rooi Pannen

Tilburg, Nederland

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Need more inspiration?
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High-quality durable furniture

Spoinq furniture is currently used in offices, hotels, restaurants, university buildings and funeral homes. And recently also in the home office!

SPOINQ’s sustainable furniture is available in various designs, materials and colors. In this way we give organizations the opportunity to determine and display their own house style.

The monumental factory in Waspik houses the Spoinq showroom and is equipped with solar panels for heating and electricity. The office is also heated by solar energy. Our upholstery shop produces completely CO2 neutral thanks to a heat pump and solar panels on the roof.


Spoinq uses FSC wood, water-based lacquers & glues and recyclable furniture foam as much as possible. The furniture is packed with as little packaging material as possible. In addition, we work with partners who consider sustainability just as important as we do. Our suppliers consciously choose the materials they work with and the way in which they deal with energy and the waste stream.


We upholster our furniture to size after it has been ordered. We have all materials in stock, but the final furniture is made to measure, so that no unsold furniture is left behind.

Wood is a sustainable and CO2-neutral material. We use European suppliers for our solid oak tops and chair legs. These products have a PEFC certification.


The solid oak logs come from Eastern Europe and have no certification yet. We use FCS or PEFC certified wood for our plywood table tops and chair shells.


We make full use of water-based paints and natural oils. Plywood sheets can be supplied with a durable Forbo top layer.

Metal is 100% recyclable and circular (frames can be reused or returned to Spoinq).


Finishing the metal is done with a water-based lacquer or coating. We use powder coating as much as possible because it is not harmful to the environment.

Within our fabric collection there is a wide choice of eco-fabrics (recyclable or already recycled). We use recyclable cold foam and water based glue.


Eco-leather types are also available within our leather collection. We are currently working on a sustainable, plant-based alternative.

For our own transport, we use moving blankets as much as possible as reusable packaging material to protect our products. We use recycled cardboard as much as possible for international transport.

Reusability of materials

All our sustainable design furniture is designed and made in such a way that it lasts for years and can then be repaired or recycled. This means that when designing, making and building our furniture, we think about reusing the various materials, possibly repairing or changing a piece of furniture and the ecological footprint.

At Spoinq we have been working on making our production chain circular for years. That means producing as little waste as possible and reusing products and materials as much as possible. We strive to design all furniture in such a way that it is completely circular. At the moment we are not that far yet, but we are slowly getting closer.

Recovery & Takeback Program

To extend the life of our durable furniture, we offer the possibility to have it repaired. Table tops and wooden parts are re-sanded and treated, metal is recoated and seats are reupholstered. This gives many of our Spoinq furniture a second life.

If this is no longer possible, the furniture can be recycled with us. These are disassembled in our warehouse so that we can reuse the materials. For example, the foam and fabric of an old seat shell is used in acoustic panels. In this way, no resources are lost.

Would you like to know more about our recovery and take-back program? Contact us!

The Substitute

The Substitute is an online platform that brings together sustainable interior brands, designers, stylists and interior architects to accelerate the sustainability transition in the interior and renovation sector. Here you will find all information in the field of sustainable living, to make it easier for consumers to make choices that are good for the environment.




The sustainable furniture brand Planq makes furniture from textile waste, in combination with wooden frames. In this way they save a lot of raw materials and therefore CO2. Spoinq and Planq have joined forces by providing the Spoinq tables with Planq textile. This makes Spoinq’s Dutch furniture even more sustainable.


Waste2Wear has been making innovative textiles from recycled plastic for more than ten years. For the past two years, the Chinese company has invested in the production and development of fabrics suitable for the upholstery market. The Waste2Wear Blockchain Technology makes it easy to trace and check whether the materials are made entirely from recycled waste.

Kirkby Design

Kirkby Design is a creative textile brand from England and uses modern color combinations and patterns. Spoinq works exclusively with the Leaf collection from Kirby Design, this collection consists entirely of recycled wool and recycled yarns from the Italian fashion industry.


Sustainable design is based on the ‘intention to reduce or completely eliminate negative environmental effects through well-considered design’. The aim is to produce furniture that does not have a negative impact on our environment.


Sustainable design does not necessarily mean that you have to leave that lamp of your great-grandmother hanging in your interior for decades to come: it is also about making new products, but then, for example, by processing old items, ensuring recyclable material. or material that is biodegradable. And that the production is also sustainable: so close by, with an overview of the working conditions and sustainable energy sources for manufacturing.

Well, that’s kind of our own fault. We are not shouting it loud enough from the rooftops. While we have to do that because sustainability has been our second nature since the start of Spoinq in 2011.


To summarize: we produce everything in the Netherlands (90% in North Brabant), 70% of our fabrics are made from recycled PET material or recycled wool, our furniture is easy to disassemble and recycle after use and if something is broken, it is also easy to repair or replace.


Spoinq design adheres to a fixed set of values: good design, high quality and reusability of the materials.

Do you have a question about one of our circular furniture? Or are you looking for sustainable Dutch design? Then you will definitely come to Spoinq!

Yes, our wooden tables are certainly sustainable. Wood is a renewable material. A tree grows back or can be replanted. It is also recyclable and biodegradable. This makes wood a particularly beautiful and sustainable material. Wood is produced by a tree from the sunlight that falls on its leaves, CO2 of which there is already far too much of it in the air and water.


As long as it is in the wood, so also as soon as the wood is used in a table, the CO2 is extracted from the air. Only when the wood rots or burns does the CO2 return to the air. And that CO2 is used by another tree to grow.The wood we use is FSC or PEFC certified as much as possible and comes from sustainably managed forests.

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