Chateau Puyssentut

In the South-West of France, in the Gers, you can find the beautiful restored  Chateau Puyssentut. Here Dirk-Karel de Geus and Angela Wood realised their dream of creating a retreat for people with or recovering from cancer. A place to restore and revitalise.

Dirk-Karel: ” Collaboration and the sense of being part of a greater family lies at the heart of Puyssentut. Everyone who comes here, whether as a guest, therapist, teacher, cook, volunteer, family member or friend brings something with them that together helps to create a very special place and experience.”

Puyssentut is also available for weddings or family-reunions. We are very proud that Spoinq is also found in this beautifull place and we invite you to visit the website for more information:

Photography: Simone de Geus. styling: Maya Burghouts